The World Of Shark Fishing


The World Of Shark Fishing

Fishing for sharks has been going on for centuries as the biggest fish in the sea. sharks have always been a part of our history as depicted in many movies. In real life there are sharks all around us from coast to coast. Just like any other species if overfished they can become scarce which will have dire consequences for the marine ecosystem.

On a worldwide basis an estimated 704,000 metric tons of shark skin and muscle is sold each year. It won several major awards worldwide and continues to gain worldwide recognition. America in particular could suffer a worldwide hit if the fisheries were to close down. In these times of recession it would change the entire global economic picture drastically and even cause a worldwide downturn.

Sharks are highly vulnerable to over fishing and overfishing causes them to become severely impacted. For example some populations just can not survive. Some islands such as the Philippines and Brazil have already lost certain sharks due to overfishing. If the situation is not handled correctly the overall population of sharks could go extinct.

As mentioned before sharks are picky eaters. If they are over harvested they will in turn change the food chain for both ocean species and eventually cause starvation and death in certain areas. One species that is in danger is the black stingray. This shark has already been extinct in the past and is now beginning to fade out of the Earth because it can no longer sustain itself.

A lot of this can be prevented if people only refrain from throwing the catch away after the shark is dead. When a shark is skinned and then used as bait it greatly damages the ecosystem. Without the black stingray the ocean ecosystem will suffer greatly. It is important that if you decide to go shark fishing that you only bring one shark. If you keep on bringing sharks with you then eventually the population will increase and will affect the other ocean species negatively.

In conclusion, it is easy to take sharks for granted but they are not. They are living creatures and need to be cared for properly. Make sure you respect them and do your part to protect them. There is a lot more that goes into the proper care of sharks than meets the eye. It is up to us as humans to teach them how to survive.