The Use of News in Current Events

The power of news is increasing day by day. News channels have been a great help for us in our everyday life. News provides some updates or any latest development in the society and world. Any news related things are played very important role in our life. Latest news is a key source that keeps your mind engaged with some interesting stuffs.


A small display board in railway station about timings of the train to the next destination is all news. It becomes news if the train has just delivered in new timings. So, news always provides some fresh facts to the individuals. Latest in the class 12 mass chapter, Geeta’s sensational escape from Nellie & murder mystery becomes news. This news is so interesting and grabs the attention of the readers instantly.

The common man in the modern society has become so news conscious that he even searches for news about his own community or country from newspapers or televisions. News has always been a form of objectivity in the field of journalism. In journalism, no bias is allowed at any stage and the objectivity in the work makes newsworthy stuffs like murder, politics, animals and human interest stories.

Nowadays, journalism is becoming more subjective due to globalization and socializing. The boundary between what is factual and what is hearsay is getting blurred. Now, human interest news story become more subjective and sometimes the media biased too. This makes the work of journalism more subjective and at times contradictory.

It is good to see the change in media as every person has their own opinion about any news. So it becomes hard to please everyone. But it is good to read the latest news especially in current events as current events influence human interest and therefore popular. The media today is heavily dependent on the internet for getting current events.

Therefore we can see how news items become objectivity in nature as they bring a point of view and tell the story with objectivity. We cannot get objective news items without getting subjective ones. Objective news items cannot be subjective and neutral, like many news items are. A news item can be good, bad or ugly but you cannot say that a certain news item is good for one side and bad for the other side. As such, we can conclude that the use of news in any medium is a dual process and depends on the audience for which it is used.