Information on Widespread Panic Disorder


Information on Widespread Panic Disorder

Widespread Panic Disorder was first reported by psychiatrists in 1957. The disorder became known to the public as a worldwide phenomenon, with millions of people affected around the world. It has since then spread into many other countries and is becoming more common. This article aims to cover global effect, giving some information regarding this disorder and the danger that it represents. It also gives some information about what is the World Wide Web all about and some pointers to help one recognise this disorder when they see it.

What is Widespread Panic Disorder? It is an anxiety disorder that has the ability to affect individuals of any nationality or race. It has been known to affect people from all age groups. Although the syndrome has only gained worldwide publicity over the last few years, it has affected many people all over the world. The first worldwide report of this disorder was published in 1957, attracting worldwide interest.

Why is this disorder increasing worldwide? Some researchers believe that this disorder has been caused due to some traumatic event that occurred for the majority of people, resulting in a kind of collective amnesia about the event. Others believe that the increasing coverage of celebrities has increased awareness of people suffering from this condition, creating a greater potential for people to come forward and get help.

How are those affected by Widespread Panic Disorder? The disorder has various effects on different people. While some are only likely to have mild symptoms and are not likely to cause any long term complications, others will have more serious problems and may become completely depressed, leading to suicide attempts.

Who are the sufferers of Widespread Panic Disorder? A large proportion of sufferers are of Asian origin. However, this does not mean that all people of Asian descent suffer from the disorder. It is important to note that although it is very unlikely, it is possible for the disorder to be aggravated by stress, anxiety, depression or fatigue, which can make the situation worse for the person suffering from it. Also, the disorder can affect those with a history of mental health problems, leading to the condition becoming more severe.

Is there a treatment for Worldwide Panic Disorder? There is no known cure for the disorder. However, there are a number of treatments available, both for people who are already suffering from the condition and for new cases of the disorder. The most commonly used treatment involves counseling sessions. Counseling helps the sufferer to deal with the day to day stressors faced with life, such as attending to family members and working, as well as attempting to relax during periods of high anxiety.